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Twenty-one months of cloistered silence later, nelle gets over her muteness. I have roared back onto Blogher and Facebook, and Word will be getting a workout as I transcribe (trans seems a recurring theme in my world) nine hundred and fifty two pages of nine stories of fiction.

I am not yet certain how I will make use of this site. My writing blog for worlds undone will remain inactive. Down the road, that I will overhaul the story into a concise format, with heavy editing and some changes, although the overall story theme will remain intact.

My old Typepad account will remain inactive; I have the posts archived elsewhere, and guess that is what counts. Pay services do not fit my budget for the projectable future.

I will likely comment here on politics and feminism, two inexorable parts of my world. Most of all, I will be talking fiction story progression, ways I go about writing, style, inspiration, and snapshots of where I am on a given work.