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I’ve downloaded Storybook before, however I had difficulty with the latest update. In any case, I decided not to go with it as my primary writing vehicle. I can see where many might value its ability to keep a story organised and on track.

I have Open Office on this machine, but it didn’t feel right. Perhaps I am a creature of habit, preferring the feel of Word, even if it is a woefully outdated version. If I do change my writing platform, it most likely would be to Open Office.

When I write, stories are broken down into snippets, or what I save as ‘elements’. These are essentially sub-chapters of varying length. I wrote each element on paper, and the element format made it less cumbersome to work and revise. Now that I’m putting it on computer, I’ll enter and save by element, under a folder for the story. Each element will be shipped off to my daughter, who asked if she could edit what I write. When they come back, I’ll review her suggestions, and do another edit, then tuck them away and move on to the next element.