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My first writing project post arrival is Twin Peril. It is somewhere around 135 pages long, although in the editing and such, I foresee it stretching out to 150 or so, making it a novella.

A quick summary of the story for posterity. Identical twin sisters are separated at birth. Neither knows they are a twin. The story begins when one spots the other in the news, she has just won a primary for US Senator. That leads her to reunion, they to exploring their roots, and that triggers a backlash from forces that do not wish that truth to be known. People get hurt, people start to die as they dig.  One gets injured, and they come up against a dead end. Years go by until the non-Senator starts digging once again, this time following a tip that leads her in a surprising direction, and on an incredible journey.

The story has its light moments. One sister is in chronic pain and has a prescription for medical marijuana. She is surreptitiously photographed smoking a doobie, the picture ends up in national media, and this ends up a recurring reference as she meets people on her wild ride to the truth.