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The new Windows Aero theme transparency is such a hit with me that I decided to track down means of enabling the transparency in Firefox 4.

While this is not so big news to some, for others like me who weren’t aware  of this possibility finding easy instructions to install transparency would be welcome. What follows is what I installed for add-ons to make it all work.

First, go to Stylish and download that add-on. This will be the base that makes it all work. From there, go to userstyles to find the theme that works for you. Search out ‘Firefox 4 minimal elegance theme, transparency’, if you are duplicating what I use. If not, do a search for ‘transparent Firefox’ and pick a theme.

if you wish to have all toolbars and dropdown menus transparent, in addition to the above, add the following:

Transparent menu popups

Transparent Firefox until hover

Firefox 4 Transparent

These collectively produce a transparent browser, one that highlights toolbars once you move a cursor towards them. When Windows Aero colours are changed, the browser will change right along with Aero. My only issue is I like all the glass colours.