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Not being political here was not the primary goal, or even a conscious sub-element of a goal. I intended to keep this about writing, and if I did that, then the apolitical part would follow.

The problem with that strategy is that I won’t post here enough, because I’d rather be working on writing fiction than posting on technicalities of what and how I write. I am better at creating than explaining how or what I create. My prior main blog, one in existence for four years, ran free form, with no creative writing, only opining – on politics, on lgbt issues, and lots on my life. It is still out there, dormant now, and maybe one day I’ll activate the archives for public viewing.

Tonight I question this as writing only space, because I question my commitment to feed a blog when I prefer to feed my writing. There is lots to comment on, the bin Laden death, the continued controversy over what should be anything but controversial, that is health care for all, the assault on women’s reproductive rights, the assault on workers rights, and a president who tries to find common ground with two polarised sides that prefer to chastise the mediator, rather than follow his lead. In that case, with an election year looming in less than eight months, aren’t the challengers more of a problem than the incumbent? I prefer people in leadership who seek to facilitate, to seek out common ground when there is diverse opinion.

Compromise is possible, is a practical way to govern, if not the ideal for those to either side. I write from a different place. With freedom to create, I craft worlds where my opinion is given sway it would not have in any real political arena. Yet, I can also create a vision of what it might look like if implemented. I can vet problems that might arise, and work through them. I can think with my fingers, and step back to look at what is in my head.

Maybe it is there that I can best use my blog, to think out the workings of my creative process, rather than its technicalities.