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One state passes a law requiring sonograms prior to aborting. Indiana now bans the use of Medicaid at any facility that performs abortions. The US House, well knowing the legislation would go nowhere, nonetheless ignored budget issues in order to pass a bill banning the funding of medical training for abortions. Two weeks earlier, the House passed HR 3, making certain no federal dollars pay for an abortion, including shady language that could redefine rape. Kansas will require women to purchase abortion only insurance coverage. In Louisiana, not wishing to be upstaged on the crazy idea circuit, a state representative proposed sterilising poor women. That state also wishes for women to stew over whether to abort with this gem: 24 hour waiting period.

These are not the only proposals; Daily Kos does a nice job of listing out the craziness. I’ve debated the issue of Choice for a long time, and I understand there are a lot of people who view this issue quite differently from me. I can engage in respectful discussion, and hope that the moderate amongst us can find the things in the middle ground where we can agree, resulting in less unwanted pregnancies and abortions. With these proposals, they are not the stuff of moderation, they are sneaky, conniving ways to nibble at choice to such an extent that eventually it would collapse from the bizarre, Byzantine laws created in various states.

I would have more respect for those who go after the issue straight on, rather than nit-pick at it with absurdities. To think we cannot find agreement on health care, sex education, and wide distribution and availability of contraceptives, but proposing absurdities is all right.

America will never find consensus on this issue, nor will laws prevent the occurrence of abortion. Making it illegal would only serve to bloat prisons already full to bursting in a nation that has 5% of the world’s population and 23.5% of its prisoners.

These proposals come from those who desire less government. Really, less government? You sure could fool me.