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I’ve long felt that Texas and Ohio, the two states that refuse to recognise transwomen as female post sex reassignment surgery, create crazy situations where same sex couples can marry if one partner is a transman or transwoman, a clear circumvention of their homophobic statutes against same sex marriage.

In Texas,  the legislature was asked to act (naturally act by banning same sex marriage *and* transsexuals marrying someone of the same sex as they decide one’s sex, rather than the person involved) and failed to, creating an environment where some county clerks issue licenses to same sex couples and some do not.

This is the same state where women now must undergo sonograms prior to aborting, led by a governor who pouted over the election of Barack Obama and whined about wishing to secede, piggybacking onto the sentiment of good old Chuck Norris.

In this state (NH) birth certs and all identification is changed post-surgery. Movements are afoot in some states to change this to a letter from a therapist, which seems to make more sense. What with all the hoo-ha over transfolk in restrooms thank to the usual noisemakers who stir up people with issues that don’t exist, I prefer that no one is going to try and toss my arse out.

We are stubborn in our attachment to heteronormativity and cisgenderhood,  those simplistic frameworks in human sexuality. I can’t blame average folk, who aren’t faced with the scrutiny and judgement as those of us who do fall under the lgbt umbrella. What I dislike is that people do not wish to listen when laws are proposed, they would rather condemn and marginalise than understand and accept.

We have made progress, a lot of progress, since my childhood, and particularly in the twenty-first century, but we still have a long way to go. Come on Texas, get it right.