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If ever there was a topic for which I was ill-equipped and ill-prepared to write, it is this one. I was mistakenly born with one of the fool things, a birth defect that has tormented me through 56 years of life. Over the last dozen, in open contempt for and attempt to rid myself of this infernal, mistaken, hated attachment. The last flipping thing I wish to see is the one attached, or that attached to anyone else.

Yet here we are, finishing up the first week of Weiner’s wiener, a public exposé of (part of) a man, a camera, social media and its usage, and his proud appendage. That is the left side of the equation. How about the right side of the equation? What is the right side of the equation?

Life balances out just like a financial statement. Sheesh, but I won’t use a yin and yang analogy here, much as it might be apt. Oh, all right. We’ve seen the yang, how about the yin? The yin is the impact, those affected by the public unveiling of a Congress-critter’s dropped trou. Who might that be? Oh, there is quite a list, and it is not in order.

Huma. I don’t give a shit if she reacts to this the way I would, it is her business. I’d be gone, vamoosed, on my way elsewhere, but that is me. She has a right to handle this her way, without me opining on what is best for her. Deep hurt.

Then there is the recipient. How would you like to have a tweet arrive, apparently intended as a laser shot to you singularly, of explicit display of male anatomy belonging to someone you’ve never met? Bad enough it was sent your way, but the idiot f’s it up and posts it worldwide.

Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart say hello, the former giving Weiner the space to make his case of self-defence, the latter defending his buddy. With Maddow, I watched him on her programme last Friday night, lying to her and all viewers, knowing he was disparaging others whilst being culpable. If I were either right now, I’d be pretty annoyed with the Congressman.

Constituents. Oh, to be in his district.

The rest of us. He pleaded his innocence, he insisted on his victimhood, and asked us to stand with him. How could they do this to me? Such dirty tricks, they don’t play nice.

Breitbart. While we are on the far ends of political polarity, he was unfairly accused.

How would you like to be part of that shadow world of hackers, accused? Much as they make mischief and deserve our disproval most times, they hacked not a Weiner. How about all of us women, who have to contend with the bloated bravado of some men who cannot see themselves in true proportion?

I get that most women are heterosexual, into guys. Yet most I chatted with still have no interest in seeing transmitted pictures of privates. Guys who do this have some fixation on the organ they need to address. We really don’t find your inflatable to be something that floats our boat.