There are times when reading a book that I resist bedtime and keep on reading, giving sway to the story that absorbs me. Now that I write, there are times when I burn with the story, resisting any need or logic that would have me pause.

That is why I have not posted in a week; the writing claimed me. I am seven elements from the finish of the rough draft, perhaps 20-25 pages, and the story has me.  This is one of the reasons why I so love writing. Even though I wrote this on paper almost a year ago, this second run through still has me interested and engaged.

My main purpose is transference of medium from paper to computer. In the process I do some editing, but not until it is all roughly assembled can I tie up all the story elements and insure consistency. Plus, I can do research where I had no such capability when it was first written.

Not that many read this, and that is okay…this is more journal at this point that anything else. If someone else happens to stop in, great (and hello) but my main purpose is just to snap pictures of various things of interest in me in the moment.