Another child has disappeared into seeming etheria. Eleven year old Celina Cass  disappeared from her home in rural West Stewartstown New Hampshire sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. She was last seen around 9 PM in her home, where she played on a computer. There were no signs of forced entry, no signs of struggle. Her home is on the Vermont border, and about a mile from Canada.

In the days since, investigators from the FBI, NH, Vermont, and Canada now search for her, with no apparent leads. In a summer of disappearances with horrid endings, we pray this one is different. From all accounts, she is not one likely to wander off. Authorities scour her computer, seeking clues to online contact. I imagine they pour over border crossing records and video as well.

Our society is open, mobile, and well connected communicatively. That societal soup is great when all play with respect for others, but we all know some prey on the unsuspecting and vulnerable. If she ran away, what was her destination? If she ran away, who else is missing?  If she ran away locally, into a region of heavy heavy forest, she has already endured a significant round of thunderstorm activity.

Hope, pray, send good thoughts to northern NH and to Celina, that she is found safely, and with a story or two to tell.