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Writing contests, a way to give your work some exposure.

I was almost tempted by a writing contest. I’m not naming names, or calling anyone out here, this is only me thinking out loud. Initially I dismissed the notion, but tonight, I was of a mood to give it a go. What the hell, it’s only a snippet of a story, I’ll bite off two elements, send them in, and…

then I read the rules. I pay what amounts to an entry fee. In return, I cede electronic rights to my story. Um, run that by me again? I sit here for months drafting, scripting, and editing a novel, and for 15 bucks and a cursory review, you wish me to cede the digital rights?

Yeah, like I’m going to do that. How much value do I place on myself? The number is low, but not that low.

I’ll plod along via the traditional route, refining my story, working it until it feels just right, and then I’ll pursue interest through regular channels. In fairness to the contest hosts, they do a good job of nurturing writers, but in this case, that ceding rights is just too much to ask of anyone. Others may be willing to go there, I refuse. Whether I’m the fool, well, won’t be the first time.