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Occasionally, I need a song like the Talking Heads Road to Nowhere to get me moving. I’ve been occupied this evening by the distracting influence of tortilla chips and salsa, a crunchy, spicy diversion from my real need to do more editing.

Then I watched Road To Nowhere. Body parts, from feet to fingers, from arse to head, bobbed to the rhythm, grooving on great lyrics (and accordion.) Great lyrics? If you know me, you’ll know I’ll find greatness in the weirdest of places, because the weird find weird.

Road to Nowhere, you repeat – you nelle, optimist supreme? Well, yeah. I don’t really believe life is all a road to nowhere, because no matter how you see the shape of your future world, from nothing to something, we do leave a trail behind. We may not be able to turn around, but I’d like to leave some road signs.

The big green ones would tell people where to plan to divert course, say for family, for school, for being gay, ending a relationship, starting a new one, relocating, or taking a new job. The brown ones would advise ‘hey these are cool places to check out, you’ve got see it or them!’ There we might find the creative works of our most talented, ideas pondered, ideas imagined, ideas created. This is life’s trail, remember, so there are no national parks on this particular highway, only the abstract to fuel the curious.

Blue signs, a bit bigger than the brown cool things signs, would advise where we can have respite and renewal, for the turtlers amongst us, like me, or those with effervescence, who will be glad stop, set up temporary shop, and share some of their bubbly self with those running low on inspiration and focus. Step right up for a generous helping of inspiration and courage!

On this road, it is okay to let your eyes wander and your ears eavesdrop. Take in all you can, savour what life gives you that nature denies to different assemblages of elements and molecules. Appreciate where you’ve been, the triumphs, the stumbles, the lessons learned, the lessons lost, because surely we learn in lots of ways, whether ahead of time by avoidance, by experience and success, or experience and failure.

If we learn from failure…is it failure? Hey, am I by a blue sign? Cue up the ‘Heads.