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Storms, I’m no stranger to them.

A looming storm rightly sparks concern when news of some atmospheric stirring begins to get widespread broadcast attention. No matter the form, be it drenching rain, the howling winds of hurricane or twister, the oversparked discharges of lightning, or the clustering and cloaking flutter of white from a nor’easter, the potential for harm is inherent and implicit.

And that only makes sense. Dictionary.com lists the first definition of energy as ‘the capacity for vigorous activity; available power’. I think of energy as the infusion of excitement, not an option in their lists of possible definitions. I also think of it as the manifestation of excess heat what stirs something out of its usual state, and with that one, I can’t help but wish a solid dose of heat had applied to me ten years ago. Life would look a lot different today.

Storms don’t scare me, although a falling tree or a close in sky flash might trigger a rush to a quick change of bloomers. I can scare me, and those of you who know me grasp why. Political extremism scares me, so too justification of inequality. Storms? Just Mother Nature, boiling off heat.

If I knew ten years ago how to steam out the accumulating pressure within me, if only we knew how to boil off heat in human doings as safety valves to keep us from intentionally destructive conduct, we’d be on a good road. We do not think in terms of why these natural relief valves exist and why they are the planet self-correcting. We don’t extrapolate from the works of nature how this might work with ourselves. For instance, we love to group and label people. While we’ve made progress with understanding, there are groups extant for the purpose of bottling gay folk, claiming success in rendering them ex-gay. There are others who scoff at children who struggle with gender, children who know the identity society fashioned for them does not feel right, and in some cases they instinctively know the programming within does not match the physicality without.

Over the next three days, Hurricane Irene will bubble and boil upcoast, teasing at the land to the left, eventually crossing over. In the process, it will implement the sequence for its own demise as a dangerous atmospheric phenomenon. What will be left unnoticed in dissipation is how the storm and its components did not mysteriously beam off planet, but simply reformed into compliance with the surrounding atmosphere, its purpose as a violent configuration served, it’s constituent parts available for other use, be it for air we breathe, snow that falls, or air what holds up an aeroplane. Mother Nature has it sussed…we on the other hand, do not.