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Christians, when they make news in America, tend to be associated with the right, aligned with things like the war in Iraq, the death penalty, and against choice and same sex marriage. We see a push for mixing public education with religion in some states, display of the Ten Commandments in government buildings in other states. Many on the left form up opinion based on this subset, thinking the lot of Christendom is lacking elements that seem central to the what Jesus espoused.

Disclaimer: I am not Christian. Nor am I here to trash Christians. What this post is for is awareness. Continuing my disclaimer, I do not judge any group of people by the conduct of a few, and with religion, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, or whatever works for you, no issue.

I do suspect there is a large group of moderate Christians in the US, just as there are Christians of the left. Rarely heard are the moderate voices, drowned out by what media reports from the right. If you feel a need to mingle with other Christians more moderate, there are Facebook groups that cater to such folks. A friend just started one such page.

I am a Christian – and began a little over a week ago. Currently 19 have liked the page; 25 on Facebook will earn a page its own custom URL. If you are a moderate Christian, if you don’t believe the Christian right represents you or is representative of you, please stop by the page and give it a like. Even better, if so inclined, offer up your thoughts.

I know the page host will appreciate your support. Thank you.