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I don’t normally address sports in my bloggings, but tonight I invoke my right to an exception.

As of late this afternoon, Terry Francona is no longer manager of the Boston Red Sox.  After eight years and two world championships, after averaging 93 wins a year, an exceptional performance record, a man I thought would manage this team until he chose to retire moves on.

I’ve never met him, but I feel like I have.  From a fan’s distance, he seems like one of the class acts in sports, a person where I to know him, I’d be proud to call a friend.  Everything I’ve read over the years tells me his stewardship was first rate, and his record bears this out.

There are many rumours circulating; Terry and the team management even hinted there were issues with player attitude.  Some reports go further, but I’ll leave speculation elsewhere.  What I cannot believe is grown men with salaries in the millions of dollars cannot find a way to act like professionals, and it cost their boss. Hey, way to go guys.  Be proud, even as you look so very small.

Red Sox management, #redsoxfail

Best wishes to you, Tito.  I’m a Sox fan, but whatever team you next run, it gets my runner’s up slot as a root for.