The blog redesign was with some reluctance, made as a move away from my enthrallment with technical workings and imagery to a leaner, less busy look, focused on the assemblages of words.

The under the hood workings of a blog fascinate me; I like to work beyond the options given, preferring to tinker and see what I can stir up, with virtually every element. I used to blog on TypePad, where their code is quite different, and where I could do things I cannot here. TP is a paid service, and it does not suit creative writers (the tags element on WP is fantastic.) My blog there had over 35 pages of different information instead of a sidebar – the blog post page was stand-alone.

While this new look is for increased writing focus, I still play some behind what you see, tinkering with various elements to give this a unique appearance.

Going forward, I’ll try to post on Wednesday and one of the weekend days, committing to two posts a week. The rest of writing time goes into novel writing, of which I have at least 4 years of work before I have to tap my mind for something new.

Meanwhile, hope the change makes it easier to read, but don’t be surprised if I tweak something else along the way (for instance, the comments area.)