Okay, not really.  This will be a quick scratch of a post, short and succinct.

Over the last couple of months, two bloggers have saw fit to name me as worthy of the circulating Versatile Blogger Award. I’d like to thank Neeks at The Short and the Long of it and addielicious at Betwixt and Between for their favourable comment and listing.

You might find this post lacking, absent the list of whom I find a compelling read and the other mandates associated with the VBA, but to be honest, I cannot do such a list or follow instructions, I’m such a rebel! Bloggers put a lot of themselves into their postings, and not every post clicks with every blogger, but every post clicks with someone. Many of my posts are on writing, feminism, lgbt issues, and my personal experiences, some of which I am decidedly not proud, and I know there just isn’t a wide appeal for such a narrow niche or tainted individual.

In my world, I don’t like to leave anyone out, because so many deserve praise and recognition. A listing would be like declaring favourite children (I have but two, so no wise arse comments) or friends.

Instead, consider the post as about you two, back-praised – Neeks, scribbler extraordinaire of short stories destined to tweak my interest, and more recently addielicious, offering her cool perspectives from a hot part of the world, from its other side.

Praise be to both for taking time to share a little of yourselves with me and us.