Awards tend to leave me mute and a tad embarrassed.  Such a reaction does an injustice to the awarders, and so I’m going to write out an in between posts post, citing those who cited me.

On 1 December, neeks and addielicious went into a bar, recognising and thanking these two worthy bloggers who saw fit to list me as an award recipient.

Yet to get proper due despite a post written almost four weeks ago, I thank  Nisha, another favourite read in my daily blog wanderings, for her mention for her mention in The Liebster Blog Award.

I figured I’d best get moving and stop procrastinating, since Nissi, another of my must reads, so enthusiastic and with a great outlook on life, listed me today in the 7 x 7 Award!!!!

Thank you all again, believe me your thoughtfulness is appreciated. All of you I read deserve these awards far more than I, and this old brain fears listing out deserving blogs would leave someone out I really like, so please know if I post on your blog, you’d be on the list of recipients.

Seven things about me? Parent of two daughters, transdyke, *whispers* convicted felon (shhhh, don’t tell anyone, it isn’t my proudest ‘achievement’ in life), novelist, once met Shirley Chisholm (if you’ve never heard of Shirley and you live in the US, you should search up some info), once hugged by Melissa Ferrick, and I used to be deathly afraid of flying – until I crossed gender lines. Of all these weird things about me, that last one might be the weirdest.

Thank you, all, I’m humbled and honoured.

This weekend, next post, we go where no child should ever go.