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Over the last 24 hours, a maelstrom struck in the social service industry, initiated by the unfortunate Komen for the Cure decision to defund Planned Parenthood.

For disclosure purposes and reiterating, those who read this space know I volunteer for Planned Parenthood and I’m pro-choice. The news dismayed, but we’ve been attacked before. A lot of misinformation circulates on PP, exacerbated and perpetuated by political agendas.

This morning I volunteered as usual. On arrival at home, online friends had busied themselves in the morning, posting links to various revelations.

Over the afternoon, I’ve read about an unfortunate tweet, and the prior resignation of a Komen official. I’ve ploughed through The Accidental Rebranding of Komen for the Cure, and the political agenda of Komen for the Cure.

By last night, I wrote elsewhere how Komen blundered, similar sentiment to the link on rebranding. Breast cancer can affect us all, it knows not views on abortion or politics. An organisation with a mission to cure breast cancer would steer clear of the divisiveness. By choosing to cut ties to Planned Parenthood, by making a conscious effort to custom design a rule to justify, Komen chose to alienate more than 60% of the population that supports choice in some form. This means less donations, it means some request their donations back, it means some affiliates cut their ties to the parent organisation.

It also means many women will never trust the organisation again, and it now stands tethered to the right. If Democrats gain seats this fall…

Beyond all this, I stand disappointed. Is this really the vision Nancy Brinker had in mind to honour her sister? The vision as we knew it was a noble one, and many of us gave in various ways to make it a reality. Now, donations flood Planned Parenthood. It replaced most of the funding in one day of increased donations. Today, Mayor Bloomberg donated $250,000.

Komen for the Cure will survive, but will never be what it once was. The irony here is its intent to harm Planned Parenthood backfired, making PP stronger than ever.