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Hidden anger across a lifetime sparked words of condemnation and judgement, an applied standard of measure for those closest in ties.

Mistakes we make, by individual, in collective.  The key to overcoming egregious failure comes in the aftermath, if one learns, if one implements and uses the lessons of experience, transforming it into shared knowledge.

Errors stand final, others judge, revisiting their disgust whenever anger sparks disagreement.  Pointing at the wrongs, they cleave away those once dear and close for the embarrassing audacity of their prior failing.  The complex stew mixes lack of recognition of contributions made as the errant complied with the verdict of society, to exacerbation over no continuing stream of tribute expressed, as if a daily letter of praise need start a day.

Countering the accusation, a search for intent not present in words spoken or written, a reshaping of them through a fetid filter of disdain, hatred, and self-pity, ignores the contributions of judged as well the faults of one engaged in an informal judging.  Some deal with error through denial and self-elevation, a declaration of self as virginal in the mistakes of humanity.

Pursue peace, a learned life, and amend past wrongs.  One stumbles, one hurts, these things admitted.  Better to move toward one another than move apart, repelled through the imagined, lurking misjudgement, and envy.  Embrace forgiveness, of self, of others.  Stand with arms in open invite.

We live a complex existence, judging those dear by standards invoked nowhere else.  What we admire in strangers, we decry in those closer.  What we fear in ourselves, we project in judgement, better to ascribe to another than take stock of the hidden depth behind our reflection.

One life graces us.  When done, opportunity morphs into regretful lament, a rewind, a redo, impossible.  Make it count, now.