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An antique keyhole bottle opener sprang the cap away with a soft shhhcuhp sound, sending the cap rattling onto the kitchen counter. This…would cleanse away her day.

Routine tilted askew from the first, and made the day play long. Heat spawned a sinus headache, PMS returned with a severity not experienced in half a year, a sarcastic call from an important client disrupted her fiscal year report process, and traffic stalled from an overturned manure truck on the roundabout, her sweltering wait too late a reminder to recharge the air conditioner.

When at last Jamie stood in the comfort of her bedroom, she stopped mid-change and bolted for the kitchen, clad in thong and bra, sweat oiling uncovered skin. She pounced on the first ale spotted on the refrigerator door and siphoned away the semi-opaque brown bottle contents. The cool liquid brought relief to body, more to mind. Shorts and tank top could wait. Who would care if Jamie stood half-naked in her kitchen?

Advance dinner prep the previous night proved prescient; her anticipation of heat rewarded now with an easy go for dinner. Deciding to eat before she returned to the bedroom, Jamie removed the macaroni salad from the stainless steel fridge, a plate from the glass-fronted cupboard, and scooped out a helping of perfect hot weather fare.

“Nice ass.” The words shocked her hands into a plate drop, the resulting noisy shatter of no interest. Jamie knew the voice. “I didn’t expect it to wave at me in the entryway.”

If heat percolated sweat onto her skin, awkwardness sent pores into hyperhidrosis. Something unexpected overcame heat and embarrassment, desire for the unexpected first time visitor to her home. Rather than scamper for covering, Jamie stilled, eyes seeking eyes for a hint of reciprocity, telegraphing her hankering in open admission.