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Sister Jan refused the order to remove her video and shut down all social media accounts.  The annoyed Vatican cited her vows, one of obedience and another to surrender all possessions.  It ordered her before the diocesan bishop.

Eschewing quiescence, Sister Jan ignored the order and rebutted the church in a second video.  Produced by a volunteering local professional, the video featured women walking into view in four-second intervals, positioning to each side of the rebellious nun.

The first, a student at her former school, 16 years old and seven months pregnant, stood to the left with arms folded, a placard hanging from her neck declaring the two pertinent facts.  The second, a great-grandmother of 87, went right with her declarative placard.  On precise four second timing, a gynaecologist, endocrinologist, two nurses, a minister, twin sisters, a radio disc jockey, and a talk show host came next.  The camera worked a slow and steady pull back throughout, widening the field of view to accommodate the arcing line behind Sister Jan.  The parade continued with signage identifying a pharmacist, lawyer, engineer, a boutique owner, an office manager for the federal government, and a stay at home mom.  It finished with a construction worker, soldier, musician, artist, and a space shuttle astronaut.

Speaking of faith and a life dedicated to care for the least in her community, Sister Jan thumbed her nose at elitist politicking, favouring on the ground help for those in need.

She didn’t understand the opposition to the new contraceptives coverage requirement for insurers.  The bishops opposed the mandate on selfish grounds, casting aside advocacy for the welfare of the people in order to protect their bureaucratic power.

The American public loved the video.  The diocesan bishop did not, and excommunicated Sister Jan, a fate every paedophile priest avoided.