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Nisha issued a Lucky 7 Challenge yesterday, and while she coaxed me not, thought I’d give it a go.

Quoting Nisha:

“The idea is to go to page 7 or 77 of your current work in progress, go down to the 7th line, then copy and paste approximately 7 lines in raw, unedited form. Tag some friends to join in the challenge!”

Following the guideline, the following comes from Element five, story chapter nine, page 77 of the novel, starting with line 7.  The original draft wording:

This morning, national media is on our trail and here. By mid-morning, broadcast vehicles were on location, the broadcast trucks to either side of the driveway entrance parked along this side of Route 2, just waiting for an appearance by Bess, and as crazy as it seems right now, me.

We watched one of the network morning shows during breakfast.  Their focus was on my mysterious appearance, as well as the impact it might have on Bess’s campaign.  Thank goodness, it was not about my hair!  There were some lighter moments when they aired snippets of the Channel 62 video.  I laugh every time I think of the fastidious and ambitious Kim on national television in bunny slippers and a bath towel.

The two paragraphs above evolved into three paragraphs through four subsequent edits.

Morning found broadcast media set up along the road.  We cannot see them from the house, but when the kids teased for doughnuts in honour of their newfound aunt, Dalton undertook the mission and found a few members of the media waiting at the end of the drive.  He continued by, ignoring their aggressive interview attempts.  On his return fifty minutes later, additional broadcast vehicles occupied either side of the driveway entrance.  They appear set to stay for however long they need to capture video footage and interviews of Bess, and as crazy as it seems right now, me.

Chocolate painted faces smiled behind remnant dough rings as the kids munched their breakfast score.  Age mattered not in table etiquette, since the children pointed out a few speckles of honey-dipped icing on my upper lip.  While we ate, we watched one of the network morning shows, featuring us as the lead story.  The in-studio discussion focused on my mysterious arrival at the campaign office yesterday, and included a pundit opining on my potential impact if any on the Watterson-Crossfield race.

Thank goodness, the participants talked on other issues besides my hairdo.  The Channel 62 highlights made us laugh again.  The network clips included fastidious and ambitious Kim semi-clad, identified by the programme anchor as the Watterson campaign manager.  Kim must be livid.

Not much context to the story, but as with the whole story, the paragraphs underwent significant change across the edits.