Wandering away from the fiction scribbling for a post, I need to address something what nibbled at me yesterday, the homage too many pay to the god of competition.

Romney declared his intention to push new policy on education.  He offered a vague vision, one where unions go extinct, charter schools flourish, and schools and students compete.

Some vision you splay before us, Mitt.

The moment I post this to the blog, socialism sniffer bots will snort a pungent whiff and declare a positive hit, alerting overused mouths ready to utter yet again I’m a muff-munching pinko-commie-whacko-moonbat.  It won’t be the first time someone accused me of such.  For clarity, I’m neither socialist nor commie.  I believe in capitalism and in competition.

I just refuse to worship these things as deified entities, the sole appropriate solution to all the ills of society.  Some things need addressing through common pooling, advancing the best interest of society.

Students compete in sports venues.  They compete on debate teams, compete for dates, compete for class standing, and compete over a place in the college they wish to attend.

Insufficient, says Mitt.  To him, the failing rests with the union and its component teachers, only there to milk the system, while caring not for children or their education.

A politician insinuates this, a flip-flopping politician, one who carries a record of advocating whatever earns him advancement in any given moment.  To me, he borders on a modern version of a carpetbagger.  Fair enough your view, Mitt, but throwing under the bus everyone who currently works in the employ of schools, not so much.

Integrity matters; I threw mine away in a horrendous meltdown.  It won’t happen again… but I accepted responsibility.  What I see here, blame aimed at others, it makes me queasy.

Mitt, all of us agree our education system needs a tweak, but the bag of tricks you pick from serves only the elite few you serve, not the people, not the children of this country.

The idea of kids – six year olds – fighting via their parents for a spot in a school makes me crazy, a process of sifting sand through a screen ready to stratify us back to segregated times, furthering the erosion of America’s middle class.

Why?  The Republican Party dislikes unions.  Unions tend to vote blue.  They particularly dislike the National Education Association, because it votes really blue. Further, the Republican Party loves to every opportunity for buck making.  Shifting education towards the private feeds the coffers of those who love profit.  That the profit comes from the revenue we need for our young, or that it creates middle class jobs, matters not.

Less government they’ll chant, but don’t believe it.  Less government means less government employees and diversion of government revenue to companies who siphon off a nice percentage.  It also means downward pressure on wages, suppressing salaries while his peers make more.  See the charts what show the exponential growth in profit versus flatlined salaries over the last three decades.

I’d argue the same sort of thing against prison privatisation for slightly different reasons, but education holds sway in this rant.

Mitt, nice try.  I’ll not suggest those teachers care more than you do, but they don’t have ulterior motives, using education reform as a ploy.