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The debates proved resilient.  No one remembered the first who took up differing opinions, when amiable clashing petrified into venerable institution, or why many slogged their way into the fray.  Some sported, swapping sides with a rhythm of their own creation.  All believed its absence would alter the dynamic of their days.

Marta traced her participation to the first twangs of boredom with exploration, for so much existed to experience the endlessness of it blended into oneness.  She longed to expand the possible, and this meant breaking rules.

Her attention turned towards evaluation and studiousness, pathways and motivation, negotiation and compromise, teamwork and support, education and implementation.  She chose a date in a place unmeasured by calendars and clocks.

The first dry run teased like Apollo 8 moon-circling, close, beyond any other voyage, but not quite the goal.  She sought out unobserved routes, weaknesses in barrier fabric, and devised a means through.

On the day she reverse-travelled, the debates of heaven shifted polarity.  The issue of whether heaven should interfere and save a world evolved into whether Marta achieved this result, what with her successful penetration into the time realm and reestablishment of a corporeal persona.

Yet, for hundreds of millions who embraced her presence, most missed the totality of message.  Of her numerous practical encouragements, people scribed a tenth.  Leaders arose and formed bureaucracy.  Use of her name in frivolous ways they declared sin.  Referring pronouns gained a fronting capital letter.  Elaborate rules and rituals appeared, praising not her ideas for harmonious living, but her ability to reward, be it prosperity, or a limitless future laced with certitude.

Humans built constructs of wonder, some claimed to house things touched by Marta in the days before the many, driven by an unsatisfied thirst for anger, returned her to the debates.

(Author’s note: since my last teased up annoyance, I may as well go all feng shui here.  I suggest this song as accompaniment.