Slots carved into forest aligned place with seasons, allowing illumination of the central location from sunrise on the solstices and the halfway stops of the equinoctial.  The visitor stared along the west-facing clear, attuned to more than the visual.

Storms gathered in the distance, their nascent shadows yet incapable of blotting out the summer’s day.  Infantile rumbles added seasoning to a forming mood, drawn from senses honed.  The green of forest contrasted with the bright of unrestricted light.  Air hung heavy, porting a copious reserve of unseen moisture sucked high by the heavens, its aggregate visible as billowed white puffs growing and merging.  Foreboding and ominousness filled an inner space, fashioned from the totality of the enveloping experience.

The visitor, on a first pilgrimage to the ancient site, wallowed in the flood of feeling.  Competing with sky, her spirit attracted the myriad signals, enhanced by a place purported once holy.  Unknown past combined with unknown future and left her at the edge of a life junction, not thrilled with the approaching transition but accepting of its necessariness.  The accounting and atonement combined and sharpened her resolution, elemental principles embedded in confidence, assembled bedrock tools of a better future.

Sky blackened and lightning threw.  Thunder grumbled bass threats, substantive light to harmless noise.  Rain sprayed in drops large, a torrent born of engorged clouds feasting on overbred humidity.  Similar forces once marshalled within, ripped a life apart, and knocked her to disarrayed depths from which the outward crawl took months.

Later, in an open gazebo a short distance away, she watched maturation of the atmospheric disturbance, hours in making and of notice.  She reconciled it with what once destroyed absent benefit of a forewarning.  No longer did she fear, whether a majestic celestial tantrum or memories of happenings past.

She engaged a silent mantra, prayer to all life in a universe of which she formed one of infinite parts, accepting its karma, resolute, and again contributory.