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Absorbed, engrossed, focused, these words describe why no new short stories posted here at the usual every other day rate.

The sixth full edit of Twinned turned into an extensive one, but with much purpose and positive results.  I rewrote a chapter almost from scratch, changed the flow of scenes and gist of conversation in three others.  Biggest of all, I switched to use of a hard past tense throughout the first-person narrative.

Prior to, I jumped by situation, but I judged it as choppy and detracting.  The switch gave license for me to opine outside the context of the present, and it included the ability to manipulate judicious use of hindsight hints that tease and spike intrigue, as well as occasional judgement on prior acts.

I’m over 70% of the way through and expect to end the edit next week.  This should be the last major one, albeit the next runs as a check of these changes.  Thereafter, it’s tweaking and a search for hidden inconsistencies.

The new flow worked so well my writing/editing energy level spiked high.  I posted snippets before, and once done this round, perhaps I’ll post another segment.

A bit of inspiration: Up On The Roof

Everything comes at a price.  Time, infinite otherwise, for human needs constricts to a measured 168 hours a week.  Into the mix I added more volunteer time (Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice NH, Transgendered leadership training by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) and school.  It conspired to slow my read of your blogs, although I save the emails and read your posts a little later than usual.

Writing, my gosh it owns my spirit.  What a wondrous thing, and if those long ago designers of written communications hadn’t sparked the idea, I damn well would give it a go, because…I cannot imagine a world absent it.