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Not of the blog or writing kind, nor yet received.

Last Thursday or thereabouts, I received an official snail mail letter informing me I’d been selected to receive an award for my volunteerism at Planned Parenthood. The awarding organisation annually honours volunteers in this state, each nominated by various organisations, people they believe worthy of such recognition.  Around one hundred will be so honoured next month. PP saw fit to write up and submit a document what made my eyes a tad misty.

Imagine someone who fell to pieces a decade ago. Imagine the dishevelled mess of this person. Imagine how she laid waste to family, clients, and even friends. Near ten years removed, I can see and feel it as if it were yesterday.  The days since, built on quiet determination, through four and a half years of total dedication in the employ of government, through the delayed consequences of my business destruction, 21 months in a federal prison camp, and over the past year, school and volunteering.

Those who come to PP matter. I care that each one feel safe. They receive exemplary, caring service inside. I just try to protect and comfort them from those with a different agenda and who shout their challenges. My heart guides this work.

The letter, so unexpected. All of these things and more swirled through me on reading. I worried, still do, over someone saying ‘that one is a felon!’ I don’t want to embarrass those I try to help. Yet, this moved me so much. Someone saw what makes me tick, and it eviscerated my ability to describe.

Thank you, PP, for the nomination, for all you do.