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While this blog exists for creative writing purposes, on rare occasion I do share some personal doings.  If nothing else, it provides a collection point for material.

On 18 October, I received a Spirit of New Hampshire Volunteer Service Award for the work I do at Planned Parenthood. That’s me right under the Volunteer NH image.

Here’s a picture supplied to Volunteer NH from Planned Parenthood:

It seemed appropriate the photo include the PP logo.

On 28 October, I volunteered for NARAL Pro-Choice NH. Upon arrival, one of the staff informed me Jessica Rinaldi of Reuters planned to come in and take photographs. You can see more of her work here.

Various outlets around the world published the photographs.  I found this one on Yahoo.

Jessica loved the shirt, and asked if I knew she was coming in to photograph ‘because it is so perfect’.

Another shot of me working labels, from Yahoo. It took a lot of effort not to giggle. Jessica had her camera on the table edge, and it was closer than it appears in the photo. I could hear the camera workings, and the lens on the thing was about a half mile long. Hard to go about work, heh.

With the election, things are busy. I’ve been doing my usual Planned Parenthood volunteering, plus school, plus the NARAL Pro-Choice NH help Saturday, plus canvassing for PP, and we’ll have a presence at the governor’s debate this Thursday. Last night was a break night to see the Indigo Girls.

Me, with the umbrella I use to shield arriving patients.

Today, we deal with Sandy.