Over the last couple of months, I’ve drifted further from regular short story writing.  I’ve thought about this, the fun of writing shorts, the discipline of a strict word count, the play with words and endings.  It served a good purpose during those months.  It honed skill applied to the novel.

Now, the novel comes above all else in writing.  My head is in the Twinned game, where it needs to be.  Fashioning other stories, however quick, serves as both distraction and impediment.

Actors live and breathe a role in preparation and execution.  This is a part of where I am now, not living the role in life, but living the words in the writing, an all-consuming process to make each paragraph, every sentence, contributory and meaningful.

Time available shrivels, what with volunteer work, school, and soon, serious work search.

Going forward, posts will be intermittent, at least until some new need drives me to a regular blogging schedule.