Countingducks always gives a good accounting with his storytelling, but this one had me laughing.


As time passes, and we leave the sheltered anchorages of our youth, lurking behind the cover provided by a couple of exam certificates, and  assembled competences, a bungler sometimes lurks within us, wondering if its safe to come out . It only does so in the presence of loved ones and the more perceptive. Largely it remains a hidden presence covered by a neatly ironed jumper and a glowing career in the dried fruit industry.

Despite this, over the centuries, we have achieved moments of weightless brilliance. The wheel stands out as an invention which has gathered speed with passing time. What I mean by that is I am not quite sure what I mean, but hopefully you have caught the general drift. As soon as I understand my own sentence I will let you know what it means. That is the essence of wisdom. Regarding the wheel, every generation has used it, and we all enjoy the…

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