People love to complain.

Pick a subject that makes someone unhappy, watch the complaints accumulate and outrage spin up a tornadic stream of indignant declarations.

Of particular note, criticisms of volunteer efforts irk.  One works hard for no compensation and tries to walk an invisible line of fairness.  Stand back, the cannonade begins.

Of curious note, too often the barrage comes absent any corresponding offers of possible solutions.

I mention this because criticism exists of 1984s effort by Bob Geldof to raise awareness of famine in Ethiopia. Today, people dis the lyrics as offensive. I get that the people of Africa are not of one condition, mindset, circumstance, or whatever else. Diversity, as in any other locale, rules. I’d guess he isn’t crazy about what he wrote, and yes, I don’t like the lyrics either.

Yet, at the time Geldof co-wrote it, there was no luxury of time to assemble reasoned points of view.  The goal was to save people and his effort and those engaged with him saved lives. If there is failure, it is with us all for not seeking long term solutions to global inequities.

When offering criticism, be fair.  When offering criticism, package it with solutions.  If it’s just a complaint, I don’t want to hear it.