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Few things have slammed me as hard as the Newtown horror, excluding personal issues.

The attack on 11 September, the Kennedy assassination stand out as two of lasting impact, but at least with the former the nation could seek redress.  With this shooting of babies, with this calculated extermination, so many emotions gnaw at my soul.

We failed the children.  Those of us adult and of voting age, we who do not insist on common sense in our rules for gun ownership, we who don’t blink an eye when our leaders talk expanding monies to the military and cuts to health and human services, we failed.

By what need or measure should anyone own an assault rifle?  For what reason should anyone carry a concealed weapon?  These are rules written for those who carry a romantic view of a violent wild west, where they see themselves as the unblemished, unscathed hero who draws from a low-slung holster without aim and takes out some villainous individual, or even multiple villainous individuals, from forty paces away.

We as a nation cannot see fit to cover everyone for health care, from the physical to the cerebral.  We let slide essential services what might forestall tragedy from another direction.  We let die thousands who would otherwise live but for lack of adequate care.  We let many go to ruin for lack of the financial backing of universal health care.

There’s a gender gap here, no need to detail it.  One side drew the current rules, and it’s time we assert our perspective into the mix.  I’m not of a mind to ban all guns, but we do need to impose responsibility and limits.  I know many will pout over infringement on what amounts to current unfettered rights, but that good old Constitution does include the words ‘well regulated’ before the ‘militia’ one.  We tend to forget them in our rush to embrace the reach of the 2nd Amendment.

I am of a mind to do radical things with health care.  Our system is unworkable and unworking.  Our system leaves out or puts at risk those who need it most, when most needed.

We prefer profit and guns to health and children.  This we must change.