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A bit of a stretch it is, but I’m going to include Bowie’s Five Two Years and ask that you pretend.

Two years ago today, I walked out of a prison camp after 21 months there. Two years ago today, I started transcribing into digital form the initial workings of a novel, about 130 pages in cursive, and I write small. Unzipped onto a computer, I completed the entry/writing in three months.

Editing began at once, and 21 months later, finis. Oh, there is still formatting of the manuscript, writing the query letter, and a search for an agent to go, but it’s a milestone I wish to mark.

twinned cover

Over the next month, I’ll be working on the next novel, Cassie’s Shot. I played around with it some here, but it will look a lot different, aside from the prologue post.

Vital statistics:

54 chapters
99,191 words
13 edits
3 months initial draft entry and refinement
21 months of editing