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Why would they-us-I wish to marry? Why would we expend so much time and effort challenging existing law?

Setting the personal aside (no interest in marrying again in this life) I’ve dealt with the consequences of its lack. I’m positive I cannot convey my tautness of gut as I watched dear friends yearn in cyberspace, separated by a kilo wall of miles and months of time. When one shared the hurt, and the other soon did in separate and private conversations, when they fell asleep with an open telephone line and one listened in horror as the other nightmared out loud, I knew we needed change.


I’ve stayed on computer station and with telephone into the wee hours of an overnight, mending the fences of misunderstanding, emulsified into a quick acting human glue designed to hold two partners fast. I did it more than once, and expended efforts I will not describe here to harden them into solid bedrock.

I’ve acted in other ways with other separated couples, probably in ways that would spring eyes wide, but I’ll not tell. Each carried the motivation of overloaded empathy, formed into a counter-punch against prevailing attitudes and as a beneficent hand, sometimes taken on location.

I’ve rebutted the arguments of those who declared us sub-human and sub-couples, wielding an aggregate of words that would make War and Peace a short story. I’ve been all out for a decade, from a beyond disastrous genesis. I’ve been at the words of it for longer. Throughout I stood with my community and they stood with me, and together, we will see this through, however long it takes.