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As the baboon in The Lion King says so succinctly, “It is time.”

I’m in the nascent stages of query writing, a task I will take across a couple of months, for it requires the same level of effort as the novel. Not that an initial raw draft can’t be whipped up in a day. A first draft gives solidity to ideas, a focal point to take it from abstract idea into visual document to scrutinise and mould as if clay.

Since I’m a nouveau writer, I’m omitting a bio rather than play up minor doings – unless I want to avoid writing and talk about the journey of a trannie and felon. I’ll pass on that part. 😉  Here is the synopsis portion of the letter.

“Why the hell why?” Tess asked her once elusive adversary.

The exasperating question lodged in her throat for five years, first formed in the minutes after a panic-inducing report on the Vermont Democratic primary for US Senate caught her attention. Then thirty-three year old Tess Eaton discovered her identical twin sister Bess Watterson via television. Reunited, they began a perilous journey to uncover why someone separated them for adoption.

Danger challenged their curiosity. After two murders and a theft of Bess’s computer hard drives, the FBI entered the investigation. In the midst of the unknown threat and in defiance of Bureau authority, the twins undertook a reckless mission to Boston to meet a mysterious woman who promised them information. Armed with her vague clues, the sisters pushed forward.

Days later, a horrific act shattered their world. An infuriated Tess faced the prospect of leading her damaged family into an uncertain future, where the potential for danger still lurked in every shadow. Should they abandon their search for answers and justice or risk further attacks?