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Poll numbers, a statistical measure of the extent of American sheepery, show the president free falling in public trust. News outlets hammer away at the signature legislation of his presidency. Everywhere, stories of bumbling and outrage fill our media.

Smoke and mirrors.

What a grand show this is, this blame game. Insurers, many of whom are for-profit entities opposing the provisions of Obamacare, knew what they were doing long before the public saw the consequences. Don’t think this is a surprise to them. Think of it as anticipated and encouraged.

Insurers knew the law didn’t compel them to elevate their policies to comply with the new law. It didn’t provide a ladder on pricing, mainly because those involved who saw a need for change and who wrote the law are not insurance professionals. Someone who actually wanted the law to work and who had such a background would have prohibited cancellations, mandated upgraded coverages, and provided a ladder of price increases, say 8% annually over three or five years, giving policyholders time to react.

The real blame here lies with the insurers, but they are watching this Obama bashing with great pleasure, because they believe it might hasten the demise of a law that limits the expense loading they can build into their pricing to 20%.

I see it a bit differently, I see their industry facing its demise, and their approach is hastening that coming reckoning, but that’s something I’ll save for another time.