Being the way of blogging, every now and then we throw down an anchor long enough to mark a transition or major event in our lives.

In my case, that would be the end of my stupid time, although in truth I’m not quite sure when it began nor whether I can claim any sort of active current enlightenment. Did it start way back at birth? With each day I failed to address my personal issues? Or was it what it seemed from the outside, the chronology of misdeed, the actual dates of transgression? Who knows, but the fact is, the legal issues were during 2002 and 2003, the indictment came in 2008, there were 289 days pre-sentence, 634 days in a prison camp, and 1096 days of supervised release that ended at midnight on Pi Day 2014. Last night.

It’s over. As of today, my sentence is complete. There are the continuing payments I must make towards my debt, and with that, I’m resolute.

The end of stupid.

I hope. Shoot me if it isn’t.