My morning began in the mood of the night, wakening just after my co-worker threw a rather nosy and persistent snake out of her car. This followed a temporary shutdown of Facebook because of general pissiness, best explained by my repulsion to anything that assaults integrity, something I now guard with the zealousness of a mama bear.

My day would be short; my day would be long. Formal work ended around 2:15 when we all trod off to a town hall meeting for local employees and featuring our CEO. Thereafter, I’d head out for the rally at the Shaheen – Brown debate, standing with other Planned Parenthood supporters.

That was the plan. What I didn’t anticipate were the tears that flowed from me in that meeting, tears I tried like hell to hide.

A felony looks ugly on one’s record. Yet a curious fact sandwiches it. I’ve worked for three major employers in my life – for profit sector, government sector, and non-profit sector. I’ve also owned and built a business from scratch only to destroy it (see felony.) In my first two stints as an employee, as well as in my one venture into volunteering, I’ve won awards. Today I ran the table.

I never expected it, not until my boss started rolling through a description that fit no one except me. By the time I reached the CEO and took her hand, I was fighting tears, and creative use of my hands kept it from co-workers. I think. It wasn’t until I arrived home, after the campaign rally, did I discover it came with a financial award as well.

In reality, I’m part of a team that gives a shit and we work well together. I’m only as good as the people around me. Yet, given where I’ve been, given my abhorrent crash and its consequences, when something like this rolls my way, just as when I received the Volunteer Service Award from the Governor, it swamps me in emotion, as if I’ve fallen back into dream, snake long gone.